"SARCAN Recycling provides environmental protection, employment creation and economic development as Saskatchewan's recycling soltuion for beverage containers, paint and electronics."

Moosomin SARCAN is a member of the provincial SARCAN organization. It has grown since opening in 1988 and now recycles approximately 3.7 million items annually in the Moosomin depot. This is all materials that is kept out of the local landfill.

SARCAN accepts all deposit beverage containers for recycling, refunding the deposit that was paid on the container at the time of purchase.

SARCAN recycles aluminum/tin cans, beer bottles, plastic bottles and jugs, juice boxes, milk containers and glass bottles. SARCAN also accepts used paint for reuse or recycling and end of life electronics.

As of May 1st 2018, Sarcan will be accepting countertop microwaves ovens, desktop and portable scanners, floor standing printers, external storage drives and modems, game consoles including hand-held and peripherals, e-book readers and portable and vehicle (after-market) GPS systems. 

SARCAN is more than excited to announce the latest addition to the SARCAN family of accepted materials. Batteries! As of Januarey 1st 2021, SARCAN depots will be a part of Call2Recycle's national network of battery collection sites, helping Saskatchewan residents divert even more material from our landfills. 

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Moosomin now has a DropnGo centre. When the depot is busy, you may enter the depot, type in the number of bags you have and leave the product to be counted by the SARCAN staff so that you do not need to wait in line. You may choose to pick up your money at a later time, have a cheque mailed to you, or a cash transfer directly to your bank account through a Paypal account.

To learn how to set up your account, click on the following link:


Moosomin SARCAN                                      

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Wedneday, Thursday, Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

SARCAN Supervisor - Chris Frape

SARCAN Contact Info: 306-435-3558